Posted on Jun 30, 2021

Howard Air Service Center

Your comfort matters most to us! Remember, it is important to maintain your system yearly, and with Arizona's extreme climate changes twice a year is recommended. You never know when your system is going to stop working! πŸš«βœ…
By staying on one of our Howard Air Care plans you ensure yourself priority service. Choose Howard Air and we'll take care of you, whether replacement or repair! πŸšπŸ”§
πŸ”· It doesn't stop there, now more than ever, air purification is important. Ask about including a Whole Home Purification System on your next call. Monthly payments are available with Wells Fargo Financing and other options. Take control of your indoor environment today and eliminate outdoor, pet, and cooking odors, bacteria, contaminants, viruses, and more. πŸ”·
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